There were times that oral storytelling ruled. It was a great way to tell people about their history, to settle their arguments, and to come to grasps with all sorts of aspects of the phenomena of the world around them.

Then later came along the written word with all its mysteriously looking symbols. For quite a while, just the privileged and the rich and privileged were having access to these wonders, but over time, signs, books, memos, pamphlets, cereal boxes, letters, even constitutions and countless other types of writing were appearing everywhere people turned up.

The ability to write and read now was ruling many lands. The art of oral storytelling was done away with as foolishly old-fashioned. Sure, in more casual ways people were continuing to tell stories across dinner tables, at bedtime, or around campfires, but storytelling as a great learning tool was no longer respected and became almost forgotten.

Why Storytelling should be included in school

The sun is trying hard to make us forget the dark winter months and it won’t be long before our kids can get out and enjoy a few healthy sun rays. Do you remember those early years when your children were first beginning to look at the world to find their entertainment and stimulation?  Do you remember that no matter how much you spent on expensive gifts or toys, they were far happier to play with the empty box that once held that expensive toy instead of the actual toy?  Do you remember thinking, or even saying out loud “Why do we buy toys, they would rather have the box?

A lot of times, as a parent, or an adult who cares about a child in our lives we strive to buy them something that will stimulate them, educate them, and entertain them.  Sure, there are times as a parent when you just want your child to play happily and quietly for five minutes so you can get dinner on the table, or grab a quick shower.  We have all been there!  But for the most part what we really want is for the toy our child is playing with to stimulate their mind in a way that is education as well as entertaining.…

Not all students excel in school. This is a sad but true fact. What’s even more distressing is that there are times when students often have too many problems to deal with and they inevitably fall behind in their classes. This is particularly true for children between middle school and teen years.

A number of reasons can be attributed to this. The student could be dealing with behavioral issues. A peer can cause significant behavioral changes in students. Medical conditions and psychological issues can also contribute to falling behind. This is precisely why alternative schools have been created and developed, to attend to the needs of students who have a hard time coping with the daily rigors present in a traditional school environment.…

All fifty states base their education policy on the notion that the educational process centers on the teacher. Since 1952, the government has placed nearly all its educational eggs in the certification basket. Despite the lack of evidence that teacher certification positively affects student outcomes. Still, states cling to it. Worse, many parents believe that trained teachers can do a better job.

Of course, gifted teachers exist, and they benefit from good training. That doesn’t mean that they can teach your children better than you can. My experience as a teacher convinced me to homeschool my own children. I realized that no amount of skill or training could compensate for a parent’s love and intimate knowledge. In addition, the classroom setting itself frustrates learning. Confronting a frustrating task in the homeschool tempts parents to think some other remedy might be more effective. Frustration encourages us to believe that a master teacher could help the child master the subject matter with little effort.

In spite of our experience, sometimes we still believe the teacher matters most. The magic of certification still humbles us, but it need not. Certification tells you all about what courses the teacher took. It says nothing about whether he actually learned anything, or about his ability to teach. Would you evaluate a restaurant by the quality of …

Ever since I had my children, they started to give me “work”, I´ve been struggling with how to educate them. I struggle with the word education too. It means a lot, but here I want to focus on making a child obey or behave.

Children don´t really misbehave. They engage in behavior to pursue normal children´s need.  The misbehavior is an adult judgment of a child´s action that is contrary to what the adult expects. What we commonly call as misbehavior is often a symptom of a child´s need and we are to meet that need somehow.

Well, I always felt uneasy with the time-outs. I´ve read in many books about how you can start controlling children´s misbehavior by putting them in time-out (check any mainstream book or TV show on parenting).

I´ve read that you can consider one minute per year and start at the age of two. By the time Luísa was around 1,5 years, I was being told more and more often about how I should start disciplining her and how if I didn´t start then I could lose my authority for good.…

The basic idea is simple: learning to tell stories from memory is a great way to learn all sorts of essential skills. Children who fill up with stories by listening and retelling create an inner store of language, ideas, and imagination.

They will then draw upon this store in their work and life. Speaking, listening, confidence, empathy, ideas, facts, sequences, plots … you name it, storytelling can teach it.

We believe that all children benefit from developing their storytelling skills throughout their education. In schools where improving basic literacy levels is a priority, the Storytelling Schools method has been used to quickly raise standards. Storytelling provides a natural way of developing rich and active story language, for children to recycle in their own story making and writing.…

Time is your most precious asset, this article gives you tips on how to avoid wasting it.

In my last post, I explained that procrastination or wasting time is the reason so many people today are unable to achieve their goals and gain financial freedom. Many people dream about a better job, working from home or just having a financial freedom yet they don’t know how to manage their time.

I think I have mentioned that I’m involved in helping people to pass the GED test. This is a high school equivalency test for people who didn’t finish their high school but now are looking for new job possibilities and would like to continue their education.

The first step in this process is to get prepared for the GED by taking preparation classes and GED pre tests. There is a really good website named that offers GED practice tests and online classes free of charge so people only need to have a desire to learn and self-discipline. Sadly many people waste their time and never get their GED certificate so here is how to bust time wasting. The first step to dealing with this problem is awareness. Awareness will allow people to begin to think about self-control. Self-control and personal development are the secrets to success in achieving your …


This picture didn’t bother me at all and my little one is more than used to see a woman naked. But I checked the rest of the newspaper and the truth is that the lingerie was the most naive picture in it. On the other pages, there were police handcuffing a man, dead bodies on the street and a bleeding man taken to an ambulance.

What kind of newspapers are you reading? You might ask. Physical newspapers, none really. I only read online. And to be more honest, I go on a healthy information diet. I read what interests me, I actively seek the information that suits me.

And guess what? This doesn’t prevent me from knowing the breaking news just a few hours after it happened. It’s quite difficult to hide from big news, actually. Apart from that, newspapers are unhygienic!

On the other hand, I do like to get old newspapers and take a peek sometimes. It always amuses me how reading an old newspaper doesn’t look like reading old news. How odd is that? But the best use for newspapers, in my opinion, is using them for art, painting and wrapping up presents.…

Teacher qualities to look for are unlikely to be the same from parents to students to administrators. Everyone generally agrees on: kind, nice, “good teacher”, knows content, but this is not enough to define a stellar teacher. During my years as an administrator, on occasion, I’ve had to deal with teachers who were incredibly popular with the parent population, but quite frankly were not great based on the teacher qualities I looked for.

As one who has interviewed hundreds of teacher candidates and filled numerous teacher positions K-12, I look for and will probe a candidate repeatedly in relation to certain qualities/characteristics that I believe are essential to a great teacher. Here are just a few of those teacher qualities:

1. Deep understanding and knowledge of the content. Every great teacher has deep understanding and knowledge of the content they are teaching. This is a given. After all, who wants an AP Biology teacher who doesn’t have a firm grasp of higher level concepts of biology? Yet, I am sure that some of you reading this have had a teacher or two who really didn’t have strong or deep content knowledge, and I’m willing to guess that this teacher was probably not the best teacher you ever had.…

I’ve been working as an online writing tutor during the last 10 years or so, and this has helped me understand the feelings of isolation that so many students that I work with are experiencing.

I often hear my students explain that they don’t really understand their assignments, what it is their instructors are looking for, and that they only rarely will receive a response to their emails when they are asking for help.

Often they feel lost, so they are pretty grateful for finding me, at least a real person they can connect with.

Additionally, quite a few students have never ever visited, nor are they aware of, their school’s library, be it online or in a physical building, and this causes many problems when they are assigned research papers.…