Phonemic Awareness

downloadPhonemic awareness is an oral language skill. It is the awareness that phonemes exist as abstractable and manipulative components of spoken language. It is not phonics, and it is more than auditory discrimination.

Phonemic Awareness Tasks

In short, children have learned to communicate effectively.
Talking to and with children develops their receptive and expressive skills using this language. As they refine and extend their language skills, children learn new words, new meanings for familiar words, and new ways of saying things. They develop an awareness of the sounds that make up spoken words and the ability to manipulate those sounds known as phonemic awareness. Let’s take a look at the most common examples of Phonemic Awareness:

Next Generation School Programs

If you walk into our school, you can tell the environment radiates an atmosphere that is completely created for children. The bright and large rooms download-64are full of laughter and dedication. There are several outdoor play areas to ensure a developmentally appropriate learning and playing where children can develop their skills. The teachers will provide each individual student with the support and commitment they require to feel confident learners and individuals. New school energy gets driven by a few important trends:

  • Student-centered. We have learned from software and marketing developments to consider user experience in a deep way. That has resulted in a totally renewed focus towards learner experience. Nellie Mae’s Education Foundation states that student-centered teaching and learning will engage students in their personal success, and will also incorporate their skills and interests into the process of learning.
  • Access. Today, internet access is far cheaper than access to textbooks, so providing take-home tech devices to allow for anytime-anywhere learning would absolutely make sense.
  • Next-gen learning. Modern-day learning models are blending face-to-face and online learnig experiences to come up with competency-based and personalized learning sequences.
  • Broader aims. It’s absolutely clear that relational skills and mindsets are just as crucial as academic knowledge.
  • Projects. Our economy is project-based, and project-based learning is a good way to integrate academic subjects and to develop career readiness skills.
  • Connections. Today it is more important than ever before to acquire work experience. It also has never been any easier to get technical training or earn college credit, and there are high school students with have graduated with an AA degree. Individualized learning plans and good advisory can be very helpful to students for making connections and planning their academic or professional futures.
  • Competency-based education (CBE). To promote college and career readiness, quite a few high schools have shifted to educational models of competency-based learning. These require that students are advancing upon mastery, and the students will receive differentiated guidance and support, and they will participate in related assessments.


How To Become a Storyteller

The basic idea is simple: learning to tell stories from memory is a great way to learn all sorts of essential skills. Children who fill up with stories by listening and retelling create an inner store of language, ideas and imagination. They will then draw upon this store in their work and life. Speaking, listening, confidence, empathy, ideas, facts, sequences, plots … you name it, storytelling can teach it.

We believe that all children benefit from developing their storytelling skills throughout their education. In schools where improving basic literacy levels is a priority, the Storytelling Schools method has been used to quickly raise standards. Storytelling provides a natural way of developing rich and active story language, for children to recycle in their own story making and writing.


What Are Online Learning Obstacles

online-campus1I’ve been working as an online writing tutor during the last 10 years or so, and this has helped me understand the feelings of isolation that so many students that I work with are experiencing. I often hear my students explain that they don’t really understand their assignments, what it is their instructors are looking for, and that they only rarely will receive a response to their emails when they are asking for help. Often they feel lost, so they are pretty grateful for finding me, at least a real person they can connect with.

Additionally, quite a few students have never ever visited, nor are they aware of, their school’s library, be it online or in a physical building, and this causes many problems when they are assigned research papers.


The importance of storytelling

storytelling_textzeichnerinThere were times that oral storytelling ruled. It was a great way to tell people about their history, to settle their arguments, and to come to grasps with all sorts of aspects of the phenomena of the world around them. Then later came along the written word with all its mysteriously looking symbols. For quite a while, just the privileged and the rich and privileged were having access to these wonders, but over time, signs, books, memos, pamphlets, cereal boxes, letters, even constitutions and countless other types of writing were appearing everywhere people turned up. The ability to write and read now was ruling many lands. The art of oral storytelling was done away with as foolishly old fashioned. Sure, in more casual ways people were continuing to tell stories across diner tables, at bedtime, or around campfires, but storytelling as a great learning tool was no longer respected and became almost forgotten.

Why Storytelling should be included in school

Everyone who’s able to speak can also tell stories. We tell stories informally when we are relating the wonders and mishaps of our day-to-day experiences and lives, and we are sometimes gesturing, exaggerating, raising our voices, or take a small pause, for effect. Listeners will lean in and compose scenes of our tales in their minds. It happens often that they are reminded of similar tales from their very own lives. These naturally mastered oral skills may be very well used and built upon in our classrooms and in many different ways.


Storytelling in the Classroom

download-14What exactly is ‘storytelling’? Well, that’s easy, telling stories, of course! Today, you can find so many diverse, fantastic, and sometimes very overwhelming ways to do some great storytelling. What I would like to explore is the traditional, oral way of storytelling, and this has been a part of our human culture and life since we left Africa some 200,000 years ago or more… Maybe storytelling was the key reason why languages could develop in the first place, as our human minds began to wonder, inquire, and think.

Why are we telling stories?

Whether in cities, in schools, or in caves, storytelling has always been the most important and innate form of human communication. We all tell stories. The horrors and happenings on the news, the story of the day, the story of our lives, gossip on the workplace, it goes on and on, and our brain is hard-wired to listen, think, and express ourselves in terms of beginning, middles and ends of stories. This is more or less  how we see and understand our world.


How to bust time wasting and get the career you deserve

Time is your most precious asset,this article gives you tips on how to avoid wasting it.

download-63In my last post I explained that procrastination or wasting time is the reason so many people today are unable to achieve their goals and gain financial freedom. Many people dream about a better job, working from home or just having a financial freedom yet they don’t know how to manage their time. I think I have mentioned that I’m involved in helping people to pass the GED test. This is a high school equivalency test for people who didn’t finish their high school but now are looking for new job possibilities and would like to continue their education. First step in this process is to get prepared for the GED by taking preparation classes and GED pre-tests. There is a really good website that offers GED practice tests and online classes free of charge so people only need to have a desire to learn and self-discipline. Sadly many people waste their time and never get their GED certificate so here is how to bust time wasting.

The first step to dealing with this problem is awareness. Awareness will allow people to begin to think about self control. Self control and personal development are the secret to success in achieving your goals such as a GED diploma.


What we can learn from them

email-marketing-from-tree-frog-internationalWell, our organic products may be some of the coolest on the market, but have you noticed your online sales slumping? Worse, has your e-commerce failed to take off altogether?

Perhaps the problem is the ambiance of your website, or lack thereof. When marketing organic food, personal care products, clothing, etc, it’s important to remember that your audience is savvy and seeking an elevated customer experience. Take Motherlove, for example. It’s a 20-year-old company specializing in holistic, organic body care products for babies, pregnant women and breastfeeding.


Why you need a blog – It’s your educational tool!

small-business-phone-system-capabilitiesTechnologies come and go. There are countless of gadgets, applications and services which once appeared among us, but then sank again no where else to be found. Some are growing much slower but gaining their own market share. Some technologies are here to stay. Others have to go.

Same thing applies to online marketing. In fact, you have tremendous advantages if you integrate technologies into online marketing.

Probably you have tried a marketing tactic last year which has worked so flawlessly but failed a few short months later. A hint: splogs or scraped sites which monetize through advertising networks.
A blog, in my humble opinion, is here for the long haul.

As a marketing tool, a blog has received quite a share of publicity and growing momentum. But, little of us know that it had been around for years, long before it was used as a marketing tool. It was mainly a piece of web application for geek to publish their own daily journal, many of them about geeky stuff. Fro a great idea check out:

Because the amount of media coverage and growing rate, many people especially pessimists believe it is just another fad that is going to fade in the next few months, or years, at most!

Small Business Owner Wants An MBA Degree. Does it Matter?

download-62It’s Sunday morning and I am working, clearing out emails and reading a few too.  One of my favorite daily emails is from Seth Godin.  Everything he says is succinct and yet still has the ability to make me think, usually for far longer than I want.  This morning I wake up to his latest blog entitled, “Living with doubt… almost always more profitable than living with certainty”.  

How true.  As small business owners we are constantly faced with doubts, you don’t  believe what kind of ideas come to my mind when I am full of doubts. Recently I though about getting MBA degree, so I would have a valid background. I did a proper research and I know it’s kind of pricey but there are also online MBA programs that don’t require GMAT and are more affordable. I found a few great websites that list MBA that are also included in top rankings. Can you imagine that you can get an MBA for less than 9K and you don’t need to pass any extra exam

I know an MBA degree is not making you successful if you are a small business owner but I think it can be helpful. Okay, now my other ideas.